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GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admission Test. Just as the SAT is an admission test for high school students to get admissions into college, the GMAT is an admission test for after-college students to enter into business world by taking admission into a business school.

The vast majority of MBA programs require GMAT score as an essential part of the admission process. Different schools use and judge GMAT scores in different ways. As a general rule, a good score on the GMAT can give you a strong competitive edge in applying to the best business schools.

Latest Updates

Executive MBA (EMBA) Program

October 15, 2020

Executive MBA (EMBA) programs are ideal for seasoned, working professionals looking to boost their career, gain leadership skills, and expand their network. The best executive MBA (EMBA) programs offer the right mix of disciplines to help you make your next move.

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Emory Goizueta Business School Essay Questions & Tips

October 08, 2020

The essay questions cover a lot of ground including your professional path and plans, your alignment with the program's core values, and your interpersonal and communication responsiveness. The written essays are short, requiring tough decisions about what key points and anecdotes to include and what to leave out.

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Cambridge MBA Essay Questions and Tips

August 24, 2020

As part of a world-class campus and a location that is a center for technology and business, Judge Business School offers an excellent MBA program. The Judge admissions team seeks ambitious, innovative, and confident students with strong interpersonal skills.

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UCLA Anderson Essay Questions and Tips

August 21, 2020

Over the last few years, UCLA Anderson has amended its required essays with shorter word counts, challenging applicants to be as direct and incisive as possible. This year, it has replaced its slate of essays with a singular question.

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HEC Paris MBA Essay Questions & Tips

August 18, 2020

HEC Paris is one of the leading MBA programs in Europe, offering a 16-month program of study with two intakes: January and September. HEC Paris has five required essays and one optional question.

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Errors in Rhetorical Construction

June 27, 2020

A sentence can be grammatically accurate and still need correction. Sentences that exhibit awkward, wordy, imprecise, redundant, or unclear constructions require fixing. These errors are called errors in rhetorical construction. The right answer will often simply sound better to you.

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Noun-Pronoun Agreement

June 20, 2020

A pronoun must agree in number with the noun (or other pronoun) it refers to. Plural nouns take plural pronouns, and singular nouns take singular pronouns.

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GMAT Grammar Topics

June 13, 2020

Business success depends on a number of diverse skills, and one of the most important of these skills is the ability to communicate effectively. The GMAT focuses on your reading and writing skills. Knowing the rules of standard written English is essential to good writing.

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How to Apply to Business Schools

June 06, 2020

How to Apply to Business Schools

Applying to MBA programs is an expensive and time-consuming process. Each school has its own admissions requirements and components you must gather and submit according to instructions. Be sure to check each program's admission web page thoroughly, and carefully follow the instructions.

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How to Choose a Business School

May 30, 2020

How to Choose a Business School

Applying to business school can be a challenge. If you are truly committed to acquiring an MBA, the application process may be exciting. While choosing the right business school, you are faced with numerous considerations, and what works best for your friend may not be the best option for you.

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Should You Cancel Your GMAT Score

May 23, 2020

Immediately after you conclude the GMAT and before the computer displays your scores, you are given the option of canceling your scores. Canceling your scores is almost always a bad idea.

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When to Take the GMAT

May 16, 2020

Which MBA programs to apply to isn't the only decision you have to make. After you have figured out where you want to go, you have to make plans for the GMAT. You need to determine the best time to take the test.

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