GMAT Enhanced Score Report (ESR)

The GMAT Enhanced Score Report (ESR) allows you to be in control of your performance by giving an in-depth review of the scores and insight into test-taking skills. Ever since its launch in 2015, the ESR is evolving constantly with enhanced features that provides better ways to leverage test experience and improve understanding of GMAT exam performance.

The latest enhancements include a detailed level of performance by fundamental skills in the verbal and quantitative sections. You can now go a step deeper and gain a better understanding of how to prepare in skills such as critical reasoning, sentence correction, geometry, rates / ration / percent and counting / sets / series.

Verbal Section

This chart goes into further depth of the sub-section rankings and time management for verbal. With the new expanded view of where you stand in specific areas of critical reasoning, reading comprehension, and sentence correction, you can go a step deeper to understand how you earned your score. You can see what areas you are strong and what areas need more improvement.

Quantitative Section

The skills view in the quantitative section is expanded in areas such as geometry, rates / ratio / percent, and counting / set / series. The further details in this section allows you to see exactly where you performed on specific questions and whether you are strong or weak in particular topics.

Detailed Description of ESR

You gain a better understanding of your performance on the GMAT with a comprehensive report that offers insight into your scores on each section of the exam. Key features include:

  • Overall section performance ranking
  • Tables that show performance as you progress through the verbal and quantitative sections
  • Performance ranking by question type
  • Time management section
  • Percentage of questions answered correctly
  • Ability to benchmark against other test takers from the past three years
  • Customised summary report for each section that assesses strengths and weaknesses
  • Average difficulty per question showing how well you performed on more difficult questions
  • Help section with information about how to read each tab and other frequently asked questions

The ESR can be purchased before or after your exam. The ESR is available to those who have taken the exam after October 1, 2013, for five years after your exam date.