GMAT Score vs. Percentile

Your GMAT score includes a percentile ranking that gives you a measure of how your skill level compares with other GMAT takers. GMAT percentile ranking is calculated using the past three years of test-taker data.

Percentile Ranking

Your percentile shows you the percentage of tests taken with scores less than you got for the most recent three-year period. Every year, each test taker’s score is updated with the most recent year’s percentiles. So even though your score will not change in future, your percentile ranking might change when compared with a newer pool of applicants.

GMAT Percentile vs. Score

GMAT total score is between 200 to 800. At 200, you will get zero percentile and at 800 score you will get 100 percentile. Lets see what percentile ranking you will get for what score. You can see as you move up, it becomes more difficult (you need higher score jump) to increase percentile ranking.

GMAT Total Score Percentile Ranking
200 0%
490 30%
560 50%
650 78%
700 90%
720 94%
750 98%
760-800 99%+

What is Good GMAT Score

Good GMAT score depends upon the type of Business Schools you are aiming. Harvard and Stanford have GMAT average scores for students as 724 and 730 respectively. For other top ten schools, average GMAT score is around 715.

Is GMAT Score Everything

No. Above scores are average GMAT scores, which means individual scores vary both above and below these numbers. Besides GMAT score, there are other parameters such as your work experience, references, interview, and essays, on which business school admission depends.