It is very common for management candidates to retake the GMAT. You may feel test-day anxiety or you may have not prepared as thoroughly as you should have. Whatever be the reason, there is mostly feeling of giving GMAT exam again after you have attempted it. So if you are planning to take GMAT or confused in the first place, read on further to know how to decide whether to retake GMAT or not and what you should be your strategy.

If you do retake the GMAT, make sure you take the process and test seriously. You should show score improvement.

Objective for Retaking GMAT

Everyone has same purpose to retake the test: to get a higher GMAT score and make your application to business school stronger. But everyone has different reasons on why you want to retake GMAT. It maybe because you have scored below your expectations.

1. Identify Your Reasons Why You Got Low Score

The reasons could be out of your control (you were unwell before the exam) or completely in your control (you didn't complete your preparation).

2. Analyze Your Weak Areas

It is important to know your weak areas first (verbal or quant or reasoning) before you can work out on how you can improve.

3. Re-plan Your Study Schedule

Give more time to practice your weak areas. For example, when you started studying for the GMAT, your strong point was Verbal and you enjoyed solving these problems a lot. You spent more time on Verbal than on Quant. Now you need to reverse the situation.