GMAT Analysis of an Argument

In this section, candidate will be asked to write a critique of the argument presented. You are not asked to present your own views on the subject.

Writing the Response

Take a few minutes to evaluate the argument and plan a response before begining to write. Be sure to leave enough time to re-read or revise your response and make any revisions that are are necessary.

Evaluation of the Response

Scores will reflect how well a candidate:

  • organizes, develops, and expresses ideas about the argument presented
  • provides relevant supporting reasons and examples
  • controls the elements of standard written English

Four Strategies and Tips 

Tip 1: Focus on the task of analyzing and critiquing a line of thinking or reasoning

Get used to asking yourself questions such as the following: What questionable assumptions might underlie the thinking? What alternative explanations might be given? What counterexamples might be raised? What additional evidence might prove useful in fully and fairly evaluating the reasoning?

Tip 2: Develop examples fully and elaborate

Do not simply list your examples, explain how they illustrate your point.

Tip 3: Discuss alternative explanations or counter-examples

These techniques allow you to introduce illustrations and examples drawn from your observations, experiences, and reading.

Tip 4: Make sure your response reads like a narrative

Your response should not read like an outline. It should use full sentences, a coherent organizational scheme, logical transitions between points, and appropriately introduced and developed examples.