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MBA Admissions

Applying to MBA programs is an expensive and time-consuming process. Each school has its own admissions requirements and components you must gather and submit according to instructions. Be sure to check each program's admission web page thoroughly, and carefully follow the instructions.

MBA Admissions

Applying to business school can be a challenge. If you are truly committed to acquiring an MBA, the application process may be exciting. While choosing the right business school, you are faced with numerous considerations, and what works best for your friend may not be the best option for you.

MBA Admissions

Most top business schools offer a world-class education. However, they have uniquely different cultures, management curricula, strengths and specialisations, and community vibes, among other distinctions that will influence the next two years of your life. So, what factors are most important for your decision-making in selecting a business school?

GMAT Online Exam During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has closed testing centers around the world. In response, the Graduate Management Admission Council created an alternative GMAT solution that is accessible online. The GMAT Online exam is an online and remote proctored solution developed to support candidates and schools during the disruption to test center-based delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic.

MBA Admissions

An increasing number of top business schools are offering deferral MBA programs where current undergraduate students apply during their senior year. In most cases, students will work for a couple years after graduating from school before beginning their MBA studies.

The federal government began offering money to students who demonstrated financial need way back in 1965. That aid comes in three forms - grants, loans, and work-study.

MBA Interview

If you can master the Skype Interview, your chances for MBA admission are greatly improved. While the basics of interviewing remain the same whether conducted in person, via Skype or by phone, there are a few extra things to keep in mind when being interviewed by Skype.

Masters’ Thesis

A master's thesis is the culminating work of a student's master’s degree. This research is meant to demonstrate a student's expertise and interest in a particular subject within their field of study. Exact requirements are specific to the program, but a master’s thesis is generally 75 to 100 pages in length, including an extensive bibliography, and contains several chapters.

MBA Interview

Since B-school life and learning includes team discussions, the adcom needed a tool for assessing how applicants will fit into the team-based discussion culture of their programs. Thus, the Team-Based Discussion (TBD) was born. Team interviews and activities reflect the skills you will learn in an MBA class where learning teams or cohorts are the foundation of the class and group projects are the norm.

MBA Admissions

An applicant's social media profile can be a factor in the MBA application process. Some admissions officers visit applicants’ social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, to learn more about them. Before you apply, you should consider doing an audit of all of your social media accounts.


While AP (Advanced Placement) courses are the most popular option for students to challenge themselves outside of the standard curriculum, an increasing number of high schools in the US are offering the International Baccalaureate (IB) program.

MBA Interview

What makes a great MBA Interview? Here are some points that you should avoid in an MBA interview.

MBA Admissions

The resume is a critical component of application process and it demands as much of your attention as your essays do.  It is your first introduction to the Ad Com, so it should be strong enough to drive them to read your essays to learn more about you.

MBA Admissions

Many applicants don’t invest time and attention in their reference letters. Most applicants select their references, direct them to the proper forms, and hope for the best.

MBA Admissions

The Round 1 deadlines for the most MBA applications are in September or October. The most successful students are the ones who start their preparation ahead of time, about 6 to 8 months before Fall deadlines. By planning ahead and starting early, you can make the application process rewarding as well as enjoyable.

MBA Admissions

Spring or Fall admissions have always been an ongoing confusion in the minds of every student who is considering studying abroad. Both the intakes have their own benefits. It is up to you to decide which is worth your time.


Business school graduates benefit from more than just return on investment through substantial salary increases. They also deepen the knowledge, skills and abilities they required for future professional success.

Your goal should focus on something you want to achieve or do and not just something you are interested in studying. For the sake of defining your MBA goal, be sure that you relate your desired achievements or actions to a specific function within a specific industry.

The Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale (Tsai CITY) has announced the winners for 2019's iteration of Startup Yale, a competition for student entrepreneurs featuring four prizes worth a total of $90,000.

Your undergraduate GPA is important. However, adcoms view your GPA holistically. This isn’t just how they view low GPAs, but how they view all GPAs.

In this video, Business school students explain where they expect to see themselves in 5 years.

In this video, Indian business school students explain why studying in India was the right decision.

In this video, students explain why the GMAT Exam is important in identifying your skills for business school.

MBA Admissions

1. Prepare and take the GMAT

If you don’t have a GMAT score, prepare for it and take the GMAT, ideally by the end of spring. Then, if your score isn’t realistic for your schools of choice, you will still have time to retake the test, reconsider your target schools, or both.

MBA Admissions

If you are planning to apply to business school, now is good time to get started - not just on test preparation, but on taking time to examine your community service activities. At most top b-schools, community service is virtually a requirement.

From 11 July, 2017, GMAT test takers can choose the order in which you complete the sections of the GMAT exam. Three options are available at the test center. The section order selection will take place at the test center on exam date, immediately prior to the start of the GMAT exam.

The Executive Assessment (EA) is an admissions exam designed for executive MBA programs. The test consists of Quant, Verbal, and Integrated Reasoning questions. The EA is similar in structure to the GMAT. The Executive Assessment and the GMAT are both made by the Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC). In spite of this, these two tests have a number of distinct differences.

Canada is one of the world’s most popular study destinations for international students, offering a diverse variety of experiences and opportunities. One of the strongest characteristics of Canadian higher education is the consistent high quality across the country.


Earlier, there was only one professional business degree - MBA. Now, there is something called a Master’s in Management (MiM). The MiM is a degree that has largely come into existence within the past ten years and has become increasingly popular the past five years or so.

From April 16, 2018, the GMAT exam is shortened by 30 minutes to a 3.5-hour exam, including the breaks and test instructions. This includes a 23-minute reduction in the exam sections, as well as additional time and content reduction across several non-exam screens at the test center for tutorial and section Instructions.

The MBA Class of 2019 at University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business is one of its most diverse. 43 percent of the class are women, the highest portion in school history. Meanwhile, 23 percent are underrepresented minorities. Its latest cohort has the highest average GMAT in school history. At 716, the Class of 2019 beat the previous record of 708, set by last year’s incoming class.


GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is a Standardized, computer-adaptive test that helps B-schools to select qualified candidates. The exam is more popular with aspirants having four years of work experience while undergraduates generally do not take the test in large numbers. Even if undergraduates take the exam, they do so for the sake of securing marks which is valid for 5 years.

Indian business schools have been allowed to admit students on the basis of the globally recognized graduate management aptitude test (GMAT), a move that will help these schools attract more overseas aspirants.

MBA Interview

After you have been invited for an interview at your choice of MBA program and B-school, you want to be sure to ace the interview. For clearing the interview, you need to prepare well for your interview. These tips are appropriate not just for the MBA interview, but can be used for job interviews and other interviews as well.

A total of 2,50,884 GMAT exams were taken by prospective business school students around the world in testing year 2017 (TY2017), which ran from July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017. In testing year 2016, 2,61,248 people across the world sat for the GMAT exam. That’s less than the 2,86,529 students who took the exam across the world in TY2012.


There are no secrets, shortcuts or silver bullets to study for the GMAT exam. You need proper planning and preparation. Here are few tips and strategies how you can start or accelerate your studies for the GMAT.

In 2015, The Graduate Management Admission Council introduced four key features to the GMAT exam to improve and streamline the GMAT exam experience.

A new score reporting feature has been introduced in the GMAT by the test administrator GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council). The score reporting facility is available to candidates taking the GMAT from 27 June, 2014.

This list contains 10 business schools with the highest average GMAT scores for incoming full-time students in fall 2012.

Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is one of the globally renowned exams for admissions to Master of Business Management (MBA) program. It has given India a reason to cheer up with some interesting facts. The first reason for India to cheer up is that the number of Indian women taking GMAT exam has increased considerably. The second reason for India to feel proud is that Indians are doing better than US in GMAT exam.

The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) has admitted five schools as member institutions.

The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ahmedabad is one among a group of elite global schools and the only Indian institution recognised in this category in the latest QS world rankings of top 200 business schools internationally. Three schools – the Indian Institutes of Management in Bangalore and Kolkata and the Indian School of Business in Hyderabad – made it to the emerging global category, the second bracket of established though less brand name institutions.

Top 10 B-Schools in US by Businessweek 2012 Rankings.

Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) has released its 13th edition Official Guide for GMAT Review mobile application, which will be available on iPhone, iPad, and iPod, from now on. The new edition includes access to the Integrated Reasoning (IR) online prep tool to help test takers prepare for this section of the GMAT exam.

About the Survey

This survey examines the job outlook for recent graduate business students as well as employer’s needs and expectations. It provides a picture of the 2012 employment landscape; the demand for master’s–level business graduates, the current employment landscape, and provides insight into hiring practices and trends across industries and world regions.

India ranks No. 2 in terms of GMAT takers all over the globe followed by China. The Asian Geographic Trend Report revealed that in terms of average score reports Indians send 4.4 GMAT reports (the highest in the region) to management schools around the world.

More students are applying to Indian business schools using their Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) scores, according to data for the testing year 2011.

From June 2012 (June 5), the GMAT exam will gain a new section designed to measure the ability to evaluate information from multiple sources. Incorporating advances in technology and measurement, the next generation GMAT will include a new 30-minute Integrated Reasoning section that will ask to interpret data presented graphically, analyze different types of information, and evaluate outcomes.

More than 100,000 women took the GMAT test, the entry test for business school, in the testing year ending 30 June 2011, according to a report published Thursday by the Graduate Management Admission Council. This is the third year that more than 100,000 women have sat the test.