GMAT Preparation Tips: Test Taking Strategies

GMAT Preparation Tips: Test Taking Strategies

GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is a Standardized, computer-adaptive test that helps B-schools to select qualified candidates. The exam is more popular with aspirants having four years of work experience while undergraduates generally do not take the test in large numbers. Even if undergraduates take the exam, they do so for the sake of securing marks which is valid for 5 years.

Preparation plays a very important role in cracking GMAT exam. Understanding the paper pattern, practicing mock tests and reviewing one section at a time helps one to be fully prepared for the D-day. Here few preparation tips for GMAT aspirants:

  • Understand the paper pattern
  • Practice a lot of sample questions
  • Revise your concepts in mathematics
  • Atleast 4 weeks of preparation is required before taking the test

Test taking strategies

GMAT aspirants must know what approach to adopt while preparing for and taking the GMAT exam. process:

Tip #1 - Make wise use of the allotted time: You should know the type of questions asked and directions for each section well in advance. Understand the paper pattern and requirements of each section well. Your computer screen will display a timer that will countdown the time left. Keep a proper track of time. The timer will turn yellow to alert you and if it is hidden, will reappear five minutes before the time allotted for a section ends.

Tip #2 - Go through the directions carefully: You must go through the directions carefully as it explains you how to answer each type of question. To view the directions in between the test, click on Help icon, but remember that timer will keep running for that section of the test.

Tip #3 - Read the questions carefully: Read the questions carefully before answering it. Understand what is being asked and then make the right choice. Avoid skimming questions as it may lead you to miss on some important information.

Tip #4 - Pace yourself and try to attempt all questions: The best method is to time yourself well so that you can attempt all questions. You may not be able to skip questions and making wild guesses may pull you down in the merit list. Keep a proper track of total questions remaining and time left during the test. On an average each verbal question is allotted 105 seconds while each Quantitative aptitude question is about 120 seconds.

Tip #5 - Enter your choice only when you are sure that you want go to the next question: You cannot skip a question or move back to change answers. So make sure that you enter your right choice only when you want to move to the next question.