Steps to Start Your MBA Mission

Steps to Start Your MBA Mission

1. Prepare and take the GMAT

If you don’t have a GMAT score, prepare for it and take the GMAT, ideally by the end of spring. Then, if your score isn’t realistic for your schools of choice, you will still have time to retake the test, reconsider your target schools, or both.

2. Start your school research

Research business schools for your preliminary list. This will also get you thinking about your profile strategically.

3. Evaluate your academic record

Is your academic record a potential weakness? There is still time to take a relevant course and complete it.

4. Sort out your recommendations

Not sure whom to ask for recommendations? Sort it out now, while there is time to weigh the pros and cons of various options. If you already know who you will ask, then now is the time to enhance your positive visibility to them so they can’t help but write a scintillating letter.

5. Develop your leadership skills and experiences

Whether or not you have a formal leadership role, you can always find ways to exercise informal leadership.

6. Refine your goals

Since you are planning to apply for an MBA, you should know what your goals are. Structure them and work out how you can present them.

7. Get started on your resume

Now is also the perfect time to prepare or adapt your resume for business school. You can adjust as needed for any new developments later.