What Changes are Included in 2018 GMAT

What Changes are Included in 2018 GMAT

From April 16, 2018, the GMAT exam is shortened by 30 minutes to a 3.5-hour exam, including the breaks and test instructions. This includes a 23-minute reduction in the exam sections, as well as additional time and content reduction across several non-exam screens at the test center for tutorial and section Instructions.

The Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning sections of the GMAT exam are shorter by 13 and 10 minutes, respectively. However, the amount of time you have for each question is not changed.

Old Structure New Structure (After April 16)  
Section Questions Section Time Questions Section Time
Quantitative Reasoning 37 75 minutes 31 62 minutes
Verbal Reasoning 41 75 minutes 36 65 minutes

The Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) and Integrated Reasoning (IR) sections of the exam, the optional break times, and the Score Preview time are unchanged.

By shortening the two longer sections of the GMAT, combined with the availability of the tutorial information online, GMAC wants to create a better and friendlier testing experience that enables all GMAT test-takers to do their personal best on test day.