Yale Startup Prize Winners for 2019

Yale Startup Prize Winners for 2019

The Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale (Tsai CITY) has announced the winners for 2019's iteration of Startup Yale, a competition for student entrepreneurs featuring four prizes worth a total of $90,000.

Yale Startup unfolds over three days of live pitches and includes winners in four categories as well as audience choice awards.

1. Sabin Sustainable Venture Prize

The Sabin Sustainable Venture Prize is a $25,000 prize from the Yale Center for Business and the Environment, given to a business idea that promotes sustainable lifestyles.

This year, it went to Green Gear Supply Company, whose co-founders include Yale College student Russell Heller. Green Gear intends to develop environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic outdoor gear and has so far created a sugar-based poncho.

2. Thorne Prize for Social Innovation in Health or Education

There is the $25,000 Thorne Prize for Social Innovation in Health or Education, administered by InnovateHealth Yale. This prize was awarded to Edsightful, a startup founded by Yale School of Management student Chris Cutrona that develops software for schools.

3. Rothberg Catalyzer Prize

The Rothberg Catalyzer Prize at Yale, a $15,000 prize managed by Tsai CITY and Yale Center for Biomedical Innovation and Technology, went to OnTrack Rehab. OnTrack, founded by a Yale Medical School student and Yale College alums, makes software that doctors can use in rehabilitating patients with concussions.

4. Miller Prize

Finally, PREPARED took the $25,000 Miller Prize from Tsai CITY, which is focused on innovation in tech. Created by a quartet of Yale College students, PREPARED develops software that faculty can use to activate their schools’ emergency response systems.

Audience Choice Award

Each of the four categories also included an audience choice award. Between the winners and the audience choice awards, the finalists featured in this year’s competition include students not just from Yale College and Yale School of Management, but also from the art and medical schools.

On one hand, being in a business school like Yale SOM provides opportunities for networking, mentoring, and so on. But there are also possibilities to collaborate with students from other schools and benefit from university-wide opportunities like Startup Yale.

Consistent with Yale’s socially conscious ethos, many of the prize categories at Startup Yale emphasise topics like sustainability and education. If social entrepreneurship in particular or entrepreneurship more generally are something you are interested in, Yale is an MBA program to consider.