Esade Business School

Esade Business School

Located in Barcelona Spain, ESADE draws students from all over the world. Twenty-six percent of the 2018 class came from Europe, 25% from Asia, 24% from South America and 15% from North America. Only 5% were native to Spain. The four pillars of the full-time MBA program are Innovation, Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Leadership.

Students can choose to take a bilingual course load in either English and Spanish or English and Catalan, the traditional language of Barcelona. The other option is all classes in English. Its' Family Business Lab teaches students who may want to start their own family business some day or inherit their parents’ one.

Location: Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain


Affiliation: Ramon Llull University

Motto: Inspiring Futures

Established: 1958

Affiliation: Ramon Llull University
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Annual Enrollment: 189
Median GMAT: 668