Marriott (Brigham Young) School of Management

Marriott is focused on raising Mormon business leaders. Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints go to Marriott for half the price, the theory being that they are already paying the school through personal tithing. About 80% of the student body arrives having already gone on a Mormon mission. Nearly two-thirds of Marriott students also attended BYU as undergrads.

Second-year BYU MBA students lead the Miller New Venture Challenge (NVC) where they take on the role of venture capitalists in screening and judging viable business plans. Students can also get involved in BYU’s annual Social Venture Competition where they work with faculty, practitioners, and professionals to develop and implement business plans that meet social needs in areas such as health care, poverty, education, energy, and agriculture.

Location: Provo, Utah


Established: 1891

Affiliation: Brigham Young University