Marshall (USC) School of Business

Marshall requires a course for first-year students called the PRIME Module. It teaches students to compare and contrast the U.S. business experience with that in other countries. It requires a 10-day site visit overseas to either China, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand or Argentina/Peru.

Since 2003, Marshall has been the only business school worldwide whose MBA students have conducted research for the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation, a confederation of 21 Pacific Rim economies that encourages cooperation and promotes free trade.

Students conduct research and present their findings at an annual meeting which consists of more than 60 CEOs assigned by their respective country leaders. Past research teams have investigated topics such as sustainable energy, temporary worker mobility, non-tariff barriers to trade, and rules of origin regimes.

Location: Los Angeles, CA


Affiliation: University of Southern California

GMAT Score: 710

Established: 1920

The school selected new dean, Geoffrey Garrett to join the school in July 2020, after he finishes his term as current dean of the Wharton School.