UCLA Anderson Essay Questions and Tips

Over the last few years, UCLA Anderson has amended its required essays with shorter word counts, challenging applicants to be as direct and incisive as possible. This year, it has replaced its slate of essays with a singular question.

Required Essay

How have events of the past year influenced the impact you would like to make in your community, career, or both? (250 words max)

We welcome reflection on any events that influenced you in your personal or professional lives, or in society in general, and look forward to learning about specific ways you want to leave your mark.

This is a timely question, and a challenging one. Before you sit down to write, take a step back to consider the multitude of seismic events from the past year - including, but not limited to, economic instability, political polarization, racial justice protests, global pandemic - all of which are triggering unprecedented level of uncertainty and change worldwide.

Rather than referencing several events on a superficial level, pick one or two that allows you to convey the kind of leader you are and hope to become. As you sift through the possibilities, the single most important action you can take is to spend significant time on self-reflection.

This is a great opportunity to reveal your values, what you care about, and how recent and current circumstances motivate you to drive change in a way that serves a greater purpose.