9 Points To Note About IR Section

#1. GMAT Integrated Reasoning section is being added after a 2009 survey, where 740 worldwide management faculty indicated that Integrated Reasoning skills are a prerequisite for 21st century management graduates.

#2. Analytical Writing Assessment score will have only one 30 minute essay instead of two. Most test takers get similar scores on both essays, thus making a single essay acceptable for predicting performance.

#3. Integrated Reasoning scores will range from 1 to 8 in single digit intervals.

#4. An onscreen calculator with basic functions will be available for Integrated Reasoning only (not for the Quantitative section).

#5. Integrated Reasoning section is not computer adaptive, however it is separately timed. Skipping questions or going back and changing answers once submitted are not allowed.

#6. For questions that require multiple responses, there is no partial credit, answering all the questions correctly are required.

#7. There are total 30 minutes for doing 12 questions.

#8. IR section has 4 parts - Table Analysis, Graphics Interpretation, Multi-Source Reasoning and Two-Part Analysis.

#9. Next Generation GMAT Score will consist of (a) Vebal score, (b) Quant score, (c) Total score (Verbal + Quant scores), (d) AWA score and (e) IR score.