GMAT Integrated Reasoning Calculator Explained

Within the new Integrated Reasoning section on the GMAT exam, you have access to a standard basic calculator. However, on the quantitative section there is no calculator. Here is how the calculator looks.


There are ten digits buttons (0 to 9), four arithmetic operators (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). Other buttons on the right side of the calculator include plus-minus, decimal, equal-to, square-root, percentage, and reciprocal.

On the left side of the calculator, there are four memory buttons. They all start with M (M for memory). MC is for Memory Clear which clears and resets the memory. MR is for Memory Recall which is used to display whatever is stored in current memory. M+ is for Memory Addition which adds the current entry to whatever is stored in the memory. Finally, MS is for Memory Store which stores in the memory whatever is displayed on the screen.

The top row contains three buttons - Backspace, Clear Entry (CE) and Clear All (C).