Structure of GMAT Math

GMAT Quantitative (or Math) is 62 minutes section where you will get 31 questions. Like Verbal Section, Quant Section is also Computer-Adaptive. You will get harder or easier question, depending on whether your previous answers was correct or wrong. And once you answer a question, you cannot go back to it. There are two main question types:

  1. Problem Solving (PS)
  2. Data Sufficiency (DS)

Concepts in GMAT Quant

Arithmetic Algebra Geometry
Numbers Algebraic Expressions Lines 
Real Numbers Linear Equations  Angles
Integers Quadratic Equations  Triangles 
Absolute Value Inequalities  Special Right Triangles
Divisibility Rules Functions  Quadrilaterals
Exponents   Circles 
Roots   Polygons 
Fractions   Coordinate Geometry
Ratio & Proportion    
Counting Methods    

Word Problems

The GMAT tests algebra and arithmetic concepts in word problems as well as mathematical equations. In fact, word problems are more common on the GMAT than straightforward equation-solving. So you have to know how to translate the English language into mathematical expressions.