Idiomatic expression refers to the way in which we generally match words together. Idiom errors are both the easiest and the hardest errors to spot. They are the easiest because the wrong answers naturally look wrong and the right answers naturally look right.

They are also the hardest questions because there are thousands of idiomatic constructions in English, and familiarity is required to spot errors.


Since I don’t enjoy vegetables, I would like the mango rather with the broccoli.

  • A. rather with
  • B. rather than (Correct Answer)
  • C. rather
  • D. but not also
  • E. but rather not

Some Idiomatic Expressions

according to appear to as great as
as good as attributed to based on
because of choose from conclude that
contribute to a debate over defined as
determined by a dispute over different from
in danger of not only ... but also prohibit from
rather than regard as result of
see ... as subject to think ... as